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Kyle Orton Ain’t Going Back to Nashville

Friday, October 8th, 2010

I was right about that Jeff Fisher, that loser chiming in last year to the press about our new coach. Stick a sock in it you loser, hanging out in that hole Nashville. I hope we see them in the playoffs and beat them again. Stone their big running back for zero yards while we’re at it. Sorry to burst your bubble “Cortland Finnegan,” but you’re a loser and you suck. Kyle Orton ain’t going to Nashville and he sure as hell ain’t ducking you. That’s for damn sure. The nerve of that goober, trying to punch one of our defenseless players. I’m glad Kyle Orton called him out for the loser he is. They’re backwards down there, and the big gift of the holiday season in Nashville is a wooden whistle. Can you imagine that? Maybe if the great Cortland Finnegan’s lucky he’ll get a wooden whistle signed by “Steamboat Louie.” That’s sure to be worth something someday, box that sucker up and throw it in the closet, it will be worth hundreds on ebay someday I’m sure.

We’ve got two tough games ahead of us against the Ravens and the Jets and I’d like to see us win one of them. Some people are acting like the Baltimore game is a sure loss. Well it’s a one o’clock game on the road and in Baltimore so I guess I can’t blame them too much–but we kept it close last year. We kept it close for the majority of the game and then all hell broke loose. It’s not impossible for the Broncos to win this one. Improbable, I hate one o’clock games–but not impossible. I’d like to see more creativity in the offense this week. Running it up the middle and passing out of the shotgun seems like all we have out there. No reverse to Demaryius Thomas? How about a pitch play like the one Terrell Davis used to run to the left side… anything–something different for crying out loud. I saw an article in the Denver Post labeled “Gadget Plays Not the Answer for Broncos,” oh yeah? What is the answer? Getting stuffed on the goal line time and time again? Throwing another uncatchable ball to Lloyd off to the side of the end zone? Yes Lloyd and Orton have been playing well, but when they get down to the red zone they’ve had issues. I demand better playcalling than Orton to Lloyd 50 million times.

I also have a bit of a retraction to make. I said the Broncos missed Lendale White because he’s the only running back we have that can fall forward at the end of a run. Whether it’s a 5 yard or 1 yard run, falling forward at least nets a yard. Well, I retract that statement a bit, because with three guys tackling them, no running back is gonna fall forward with what our blocking’s giving them out there. Time and time again that Numby at the Post tries to say our running backs dance around too much. Lance Ball, Bruce Hall, Knowshon Moreno, Lendale White, Justin Fargas, Correll Buckhalter… oh I suppose they’re all just a bunch of dancing fools out there. I suppose they all can’t find the holes we’re opening either. What a joke that is.

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Broncos 26 Titans 20 Marmot Sees His Shadow

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Brian Dawkins Denver Broncos

I’m thankful I can sit here and gloat, thankful we sent that Marmot Jeff Fisher packing down in Nashville. I know our game wasn’t pretty at times, but it was a hard fought battle on the road. I happen to dislike that Marmot. I dislike Nashville. Now that marmot can go buy a wooden whistle and stick it where the sun don’t shine after his little quips to the press last year about our coach. ”  Good luck in free agency,” that loser quipped, well you can eat that loss you marmot. Go stick a sock in it over  a game of pinball on a wooden table. That Lindsey Jones from the Post said she was running around Nashville, I told her to be on the watch for wooden pinball tables for a good laugh. When did they stop making those, eh? 1973? Unbelievable.

Anyways, I’ll never understand how you can line up for a quarterback sneak on the half yard line and come away with an illegal formation penalty.

Special teams coach Mike Priefer is on notice.. He was here last year and we’ve been giving up too many big returns that are killers. Our kickoff  and punt returns are fine, but the kick and punt coverage is hurting this team for two years in a row. Unacceptable. I don’t want to see any more of these returns for touchdowns like we saw today. Especially today, it was Forrest Gump taking it  to the damn house out there, what a joke that was.

Note to Josh McDaniels: Can we find a damn play for number 88? Something, anything? Here we have a big-time weapon and we ain’t using him enough. A reverse, a fade in the end zone … this kid is big and talented. All the receivers are playing pretty well, but can we find something other than Orton trying to throw to Lloyd in the end zone 50 million times?

Playcalling in the red zone is still predictable and uncreative. What else do we have? Do we have any other plays there? Do we have any bag of tricks instead of just throwing out of the shotgun? In hindsight, it doesn’t seem as bad because we won, but we were close to losing. Part of that was very lame red zone plays.

Hats off to the defense and Robert Ayers. They punked the Titans vaunted running attack on just about all but one play. We got the job done today defending those third and long situations that have been killing us.

I don’t want to hear anyone calling out any of our running backs for poor vision–claiming they can’t find the holes like that Numby at the Post insinuates. Take the best, the very best two backs in the league and replace Maroney and Buckhalter with them and I guarantee you they don’t produce. Not with what our blockers are giving them.

This is a big win. If we lost today and lose next week–which could very well happen–then we’re looking at 1 and 4 disaster to start off the year. Instead we’re 2 and 2 and we beat a marginal playoff team at home. The Ravens will be a tough game, but last year we were right in it until a second half meltdown. The Ravens also won today, which is good. Whatever, 3 and 2, 2 and 3 is a hell of a lot better than 1 and 4.

In other news, Jay Huckdort Cutler should have thrown about four picks last week. Tonight, I predict he’ll throw three. This is a good weekend for us and karma is on our side and that extends to Hucky up in Dort-land.

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