I just remembered something; I remembered Mike Francessa of NY’s WFAN 660 talking about that Ron Borges. Francessa is someone whose journalistic integrity I respect most of the time. When the Huckdort trade fiasco was going on, Francessa had the tact to state maybe we should wonder if the problem is Jay Cutler, and not the Broncos organization. He got ripped for it, and I see he continually gets poked at by ESPN. It probably means nothing more than he’s doing something right.

Francessa labeled Borges one of the worst sports journalists in the country.

gooned out borgesNo wonder why this loser smeared McDaniels. Seems like these newspapers love to sign on gooned out bomb throwers that spread stupidity and “cause controversy.”

I consider them a waste of space. It’s a shame people actually heed the words of these snake oil salesmen.

Then again, stupid people are OK I suppose, after all I wouldn’t have made thousands this holiday season off of cheap plastic overpriced pieces of crap without them.

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