P.P. Dublinski

P.P. Dublinski

I, P.P. Dublinski am a Dark Ninja from the Depths, I am a bona fide Oracle, I have strength in my right hand, countenance in my left and wisdom upon my brow.

I am extraordinarily virile and capable of great destruction.

I am multi-talented, multi-faceted and my mental acuity is razor sharp.

I have a devastating right hand. My virility is unmatched.

My name will be up in lights, it is only a matter of time before I get the true recognition I deserve.

I know a great deal more than the average human being. I have studied the Dark Ninja arts since I was ten years of age. I will not give away the breadth and depth of my devastating subterfuge and cerebral Dark secrets, but my physical training consists of many popular schools such as Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido and I specialize in White Crane, Five Animals, Hsing I and Drunken Boxing Kung Fu styles.  I cut my teeth running many missions beginning in my youth onward and can proudly state I have never been caught.

I am a bona fide prophet, evangelist, accomplished coder and freelance writer. These are but a paltry sum of my talents. My abilities are wide ranging, adaptable and of a quality hitherto never seen before.

My dynamic learning ability is likened to a modern day Benjamin Franklin.