The Huckdort Counter

In early 2008, I, P.P. Dublinski knew Jay “Huckdort” Cutler was not the answer for the Denver Broncos. Coach Shanahan stayed on too long, and he had to go as well. My Youtube videos shocked the world as I predicted the dismissal of Jay “Hucks the ball–then Dort he gets picked off” Cutler many months before it happened. I stated Shanahan must go in the very same breath. My awe-inspiring tact proved true, as the Broncos fired Shanhan and under new head coach Josh McDaniels the great Jay Huckdort Cutler was sent packing to Chicago. The 2009 NFL season began with chants of “Superbowl” up there in Chicago and goobers came out of the woodwork claiming a 4-12 losing season for the Broncos. I, P.P. Dublinski predicted a more reasonable and realistic 9-7 record for the Broncos that fell short by only one game.

I also said all along: Jay Hucks the ball, then “Dort” he gets picked off. Usually he gets picked in the worst possible ways at the worst possible times. He’s not a winner–never won nothin’–he don’t look right and he don’t protect the ball. When it’s two minutes to go in the fourth quarter and he’s down by a field goal expect an interception going the other way for six–more often than not. People claimed the Bears were amazing with Huckdort after one preseason game against the Broncos where they didn’t even do much. I stated they played their hand: all they have is Huckdort throwing to that good tight end and that’s that–and I was right. Sure as can be that I was true and correct, I created the amazing Huckdort Counter at the beginning of the season. The Huckdort Counter tallied the 26 woeful interceptions of that weird looking poor man’s Favre they traded the house for up there in Chicago. I suppose Huckdort was the missing piece they needed; after all they had a defense and a good running game that should have gotten much better since Huck can throw them deep balls. Everybody knows a team will have a great running game if they got a QB who’s winging them deep balls to the other team’s defense. Don’t they now? The Huckdort Counter is now cryogenically frozen in ice, and my supreme tact will stand the test of time – P.P. Dublinski