Thanks for your service Buckhalter. Suppose we’d rather have a younger injury prone back with fumbling issues. Who knows, maybe this Fannin can get over his fumble-itis and manage to stay on the field. Five ten and two hundred and thirty pounds running a 4.37 doesn’t sound too bad though, worth a shot.

Running Backs

I hear a lot of talk about DeAngelo Williams–I don’t want him. We already have him: Knowshon Moreno

We don’t need Williams unless you’re going to completely give up on Moreno. DeAngelo Williams isn’t going to push the pile, and he ain’t gonna “find the holes” where there ain’t any to begin with. I believe our offensive line absolutely sucked at the power blocking scheme these last two years. The switch didn’t work. It didn’t matter who ran behind our line whether it was Hillis or whoever. It’s still too soon to label Moreno a bust, especially since he’s been getting hammered in the backfield–that ain’t all his fault.

Moreno is a bust if you think he’s supposed to be a number one every down back. Yes, he is a bust if that’s the aim. He’s proven he can’t be that guy. Whenever we ask him to be that guy he gets injured. However, when you think of Moreno, you should think of Kevin Faulk, Reggie Bush and the like. Get him in the open field, have Timmy Teebs throw screens to him, have him run draws. He has moves and he’s lightning when he gets in the open field. The problem is getting there, plus he absolutely needs a change of pace back to help him tow the load.

Enter Willis McGahee or Ronnie Brown. I want either of these two. I want a hard runner, I want devastation at the point of attack likened to a Mike Anderson. We haven’t had a back that can run with power since Mike Anderson and that ain’t good. Moreno and DeAngelo Williams ain’t no recipe for converting tough yardage. Wouldn’t mind McGahee or Brown, yeah we got Lendale White but that’s a tough injury to come back from, ain’t no guarantee he’ll be the same player.

Defensive Tackle Woes

I would be happy if the Broncos could sign a Mebane or a Cofield, but I have a feeling the template is run stopping beef in the middle and pass rush from the outside. We need big defensive tackles who can create enough havoc to let Miller and Dumervil do their thing from the outside. Someone from the second tier of the defensive tackle free agents seems more likely to me, like an Alan Branch, Gabe Watson, Aubrayo Franklin,Stephen Bowen maybe even Cullen Jenkins.

Orton to the Dolphins

I hope we can get something good out of the Orton trade. I see that LaCanfora changing his tune. Orton’s gone. I don’t hate the guy, it’s just clear he’s not the answer and I don’t want him around bellyaching when he ain’t the starter no more.

When Orton goes the way of the Dodo I wouldn’t mind picking up Jake Delhomme. He had a dismal year last year, I’m sure he is humbled by it. He knows his future in the NFL is a backup–if anything. Delhomme’s had a long career, playoff experience and he played in a Superbowl. Homie the clown would be a good mentor for Elvis–better than Brady Quinn–what’s Quinn gonna teach the King anyways?

I hope we get a player and a third or fourth rounder for Orton. A third rounder wouldn’t be bad either. I don’t see us getting a second rounder for him. Maybe an escalator if he performs to a certain degree… But no matter, anything, it’s time to turn the page on the two legged goat that is the Orton saga.

Lastly, I have been in litigation with that “Panff” loser. He’s come back, out of nowhere to redesign the site at the disgusting request of that Tiki who is a degenerate and probably a sot. He speaks like a besotted fool, that’s for damn sure. No matter, I have Shapiro on speed dial. I’ll let them change the site a little, but it will cost. That loser Tiki thinks he’s something else since he’ll be returning to the US next month. I told him outright that he sucks and no one wants to hear his lame blatherings. He adds nothing to this site, whilst my track record is impeccable. That’s right: impeccable. I am a better sage than any at that Denver Compost. I’ve decided to prove this with a poll. Feel free to let that Tiki know what kind of a loser he is. I thank you people in advance.

P.S. I happened by some idiot in the Denver Post forums still lamenting the loss of Huckdort. Can you believe that? Can you even fathom that? I’m sure you can’t. My readers know better. My readers know the truth. That person obviously never heard my unrestricted, unabated truths. That person was clearly not a PP Dublinksi fan. Isn’t it great to have knowledge? Unbelievable this person lamenting the Dort. I’ll tell you something, that Dort is on thin ice. Ditka knows. He effin knows what the deal is. Ditka said he’d play Tebow even if he threw underhanded. He knows character, he knows what’s up, he knows who looks right. That Dort ain’t no leader. Can you imagine if the Dort gets to the playoffs this year and throws three picks to lose the game? Who would be surprised by that? They would run him right out of there if he did that, and that possibility ain’t no stretch.