Hey guy I email this to site cause power out yes I hope this worked. that was foul guy. real corny and foul. Bronco cant run football holmes. not when it count. NO can run football. yes we make yard but not when count. not on third down run cant do it guy. cant buy run yard on thrid down guy. that is foul. bronco must win next week or they is all done guy all done think about next year. that is foul.

It like some old corny guy on raft. he float in water so long. he have no food. no water. he see big hoge boat with cruise ship yes. all kind of food. all the water guy. fine lady in bikini on deck. real fine guy. like so many of them with fresh coconut. and he wave he hand all crazy and he yell and scream but boat just go off without he guy. that is parable of bronco and playoff time. I hope it not true.

I knowed they would get clady the ball some day guy but that was not cool. the clady got blowed up with football guy that waS NOT COOL. block for you clady come on dont make look corny out there guy.

we could not stop the jamnarcus russett guy. how corny is this. can no stop run of the rader many time. grandfather leave he say I know we gon loose this game guy. he knowed it. when bronco not get go with football three and out after defence stopped rader grandfather got up and he left guy. he left he say I know we gon loose now they gon march field and score and win by one point guy. grandfather have ravioli later but he say no thing guy. he real silent like. lights go out and it probabkle foul degenrate toad guy. foul degenrate toad pull lever and make win the tommy cable guy. pull lever and turn out power guy. it like real foulest day in long time.