Hey guy, what give. What give with setteled for 3. I have has enough of this. This how you out play enemy team and keep they in game you know what I saying holmes. They done keep enemy team in game like this. You cant do this in play off time. Cant do it. Stop get cute on the red zone guy, this drive me crazy. They is always look for the little match up, you know what I saying. Just beat guy, just beat they team straight up enough cute.

The bronco defence play better with the incredible Chanp Baley upgraded. The offence get corny in red zone should be 21 ponts guy.

The offence no more settled for three just ebat strait up guy, makey the stratforward play you know what I saying. They try get all kind of cute and get juke beated.

Albino bronco crab is proud at least nobody fumble,.