What is go on. Eevery body have good weekend yes I hope. Good fourth of july with fire work hot dog. Except the steve macnair guy that is foul. I feel badly for he famly cause that is some real mess up stuff you know what I saying. That was foul.

Bill willamson just say some thing about denver. he comparitive they offence yes. to foul rader charger and chef. I think we gon have good offence guy. the amoeba offence yes. Darter throw to flat morenote and touchdown.

grandmother grandfather used to live on lake when I was little in conneticut and they had punkin seed fish. And toad and frog. And we try to catch big floater bass. They so big they float under water like blimp under whater compare to you punkin seed which is real corny fish. Grandfather say catch the punkinseed with net and thrower into bucket and throw you bucket over other side of pond let they dealitive with the punkin seed on other side. And then he say yell take off to people on other side haha I just kidding but he did get me throw them over that side. They real corny fish they make these circle in ground and they peck at you in water cause they real pist off when come near.

We have fire work evry year. One time my brother set this one off and it was real plastic and hoge and it go all way across pond and blow up right on guy roof. Right on roof~! We laugh and laugh but that was crazy cause it could make fire you know what I saying. Then this one time father got these mars rocket thing in box. and these corny thing no one knowed what they do. So he lightered it up and these mad crazy rocket went all over guy. All ways. Up down around, we all run off dock and one hit father right in hind quart I not even make this up. One time we have has this hoge plastic rocket. It real foul like and plastic like other rocket was paper but this one all megaton rocket/ And cousin lighter that one off dock and it go up in air and around so fast in circled to ground and blow up right over grandmother house. We was like oh snap we just blowered that one up right over. Grandmother thought end of worl was come.

I take thse bottle rocket and pont they at fish. The corny punkin seed fish and it say pow right near they corny circle they make. That was pretty cool. Then cousin blow up these M 100 things and the lily pad go all sideways in wrath. That was mess up.

hot dog is ok but where is bronco football guy. Come on. This time of year is corny guy. Real corny./ When they gon pactice. I want to see who gon traveler up you depfth chart you know what I saying. who gon makey the team guy. Best eleven makey the feild yes.  It foul that shanhan not around to tell guy that was fart and do over. I seen it guy he say to wide receives guy on the nfl networlk. Who gon blow some body up out there guy. I want see some body get blowed up. Where is biggest hit. I hope dawkin teach how to makey the crusht hit guy. ALl over place not just one speciate team like the spence larsen do.

toad freind eye light up all crazy

toad freind eye light up all crazy

Toad is back guy. look at he. He so bigger now. Look at he friend he have too. What do they do all day guy. He only come out at night. Where does he go cause he not around evry night. I wonder if they put those crazy tag like they do on like you dolphin I wonder if they can do that to toad cause I dont know where this guy go and eat so much. why he freind eye light up all crazy.