As the person in charge of maintenance on this site I want to apologize for not doing quite enough to prevent it getting hacked over the past few days, but then again I had no idea that we’d have someone going to such diabolical lengths to single us out. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully the measures we’ve taken will prevent further garbage being posted on this site by a certain hacker. Our hosting provider is now looking into the matter as well. I contacted Horvil and he should be around later to finally post as usual, finally we have the site back under control and hopefully it will stay that way for a good long while.

To this “PP” person: Seriously, why don’t you just get your own site? There are plenty of free blog resources to get started, all I can think of is that he has something personally against Horvil, or myself, I’ve witnessed how Horvil can sometimes get on some peoples nerves with the language barrier, but there are other ways of voicing an opinion than maliciously attacking a website, thanks- Panff