Tebow will eventually replace Orton again as starter

I have to give credit where credit is due. Woodrow is the only one at the Denver Post who is in the right about Tebow and Orton. He’s been consistent about both of them.


Year after year Paige predicts doom and gloom with Orton as the starter and he’s been right. He exaggerates how horrible Orton is every year, but it’s true that KO’s play is merely ho-hum and he is not the future.

Paige is a man on an island at the Post when it comes to Tebow, he’s the only one who sees the truth. We should give this young player the shot–not these two journeyman we already know about. Maybe this Fox thinks he’ll sprinkle some magic beans and turn the journeymen into world beaters. That Krieger, Kiszla, Legwold and especially that Klis are a bunch of dingleberries with an axe to grind. Bunch of dung pile scavengers. Especially that Klis who talks up Brady Quinn like he’s on par with the Manning brothers.

Hope you enjoy it Klis, hope you get what you want week eight when Quinn comes in to stink up the place and gets booed straight out of “Sports Authority” field for good. I’ll be enjoying it. I’ll be laughing my balls off.