Hey guy worm has turn. I not high on the juliuns pepper any more. He gon cost too much. You cant give away you hole future for guy, first round pict give trade is corny. If you was gon expective souper bowl repeat or some thing then maybe you trade you futurre now homey but this not good.

We need all kind of crazy fool on defence. Like ten new guy. Get all kind of solid player out there. Just solid guy not souper star break you bank. I turn guy. The julian pepper say he want trade only to 4 team no one know. If one is not bronco then he is foul any way. If he go to divison rival I not care guy because clady take care of he. He done school the julians peppers. Guy on tv shaked he head at the clady pan caking of pepper. He do this all day. If pepper not pict the bronco then he will see error of way guy. error of way block by giant clady.

The bill bellycheck lord of harvest bungholiote say kind word to shanhan. But probable he snicker in dark places. He happy the shanhan is cast into foul weed for now. It was awful terrib defeated the shanhan gived to the bellychecks in afc chanpionship. So dour was the bellycheck he mumble mess after game. Was so awful next week shanhan loosed to steeler. Plumber corny pass at worst time ever. Shanhan could have tie the bellycheck souper bowl rfecord. Bellycheck knew this. that why he was foul.

But live in past die in past. ditka say this. I had pole long time ago that ask who win in steal cage match last man standing match. Last I see this the five mini ditka win over shanhan. I should never have put five mini ditka on there to begin. Was bad omen. I saw gray fox other day in wood. This good omen but.

I look at draft and see all kind of predict. Last year the sportig news was so crappy guy. like evry one was wrong. People say the bj raji gon go sooner but they said this about the clady to kans city they thinked. I watch the ray malooga this guy is crazy like magnet. He magnet power. He close in hone in on guy like crazy at last secon. He ten feet away then he up in you grill all sudden and you down on ground look up at sky wish to go home. He magnet force guy. He like magneto. Isnt that comic guy? I call the malooga magneto guy. Cause he hone in on you quarf back real bad.